Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And So It Goes…

I have been lax about updating this blog. It is not that I haven’t been watching the episodes. It’s just that I found I had no energy at the end of the day to write about them. After fighting valiantly for two weeks, I crawled into the doctor’s examination room and was rewarded with the diagnosis of a nasty sinus infection. No wonder Thanksgiving dinner had tasted like paper. I was bone weary. Walking to the kitchen to make tea was like running a marathon. Dressing became an Olympic event. If resting had been one, I would have taken the gold. Today is the last day for my antibiotic (which, much to my surprise and delight, is also used to prevent malaria), and I am feeling better if not completely myself.

Josette knows what it is like to not feel like herself. Waiting to meet Barnabas at Widows’ Hill, Angelique appears and shows Josette what she would become should she stay with Barnabas. The hideous image is more than Josette can bear and she flings herself from the cliff. Poor Barnabas is inconsolable.

Victoria does not feel like herself, trapped as she is in 1795 and on trial for being a witch. Abigail Collins, who insisted Victoria was a witch, finds herself face-to-face with Barnabas. Knowing she cannot be trusted, Barnabas is forced to kill her. This does nothing to help Victoria as Abigail’s cohort, the horrible Reverend Trask, convinces the court that Victoria must hang. He is then tormented by a vengeful Barnabas…unnerving laughter, a giant hand with the trademark ring, and a promise of death. Barnabas finally lures the reverend to the old house, reveals what he has become, and seals Trask alive inside the basement wall.

Millicent is not at all herself. She was romanced by Lieutenant Nathan Forbes, a shady character looking for money, only to discover the man was already married. Nearly driven mad, Millicent plans his demise. When her efforts fail, she retreats to the security of family. But Forbes’ wife is soon killed by Barnabas. Free to pursue her again, Forbes is certain he can win Millicent’s hand. Certain because he has learned that Barnabas is alive. He is sure that Barnabas is insane and guilty of several murders. He uses this information to blackmail Joshua and force him into letting the nuptials take place. Shortly afterwards, Millicent sees the light from the tower. Forbes, knowing who must be there, forces her to go looking for the source. She investigates, discovers Barnabas, and is driven truly mad.

Joshua isn’t his usually calm self. He has discovered that his son is cursed, a vampire, a dead soul trapped  in the world of the living. He hides Barnabas in the tower as he searches for a way to release him from Angelique’s spell. Engaging Natalie duPres, he hopes to conjure someone to help Barnabas. Such a woman appears and works feverishly to free Barnabas, but Angelique is too strong. As the old woman prepares to leave, she bursts into flame. Her pitiful screams mix with Angelique’s demonic laughter.

I am certain the characters wish they had a small brown prescription bottle promising better days in a mere 240 hours.

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