Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

I like witches. I don’t know any personally, at least none who have come out about it, but I like the literary ones…

Hermione Granger (cool name, smart girl, sweet red-headed boyfriend named Ron); Samantha Stevens (if only I could wrinkle my nose like that, laundry would be a piece of cake); Gillian Holroyd ( who wouldn’t want to bewitch Jimmy Stewart: see October 6th post); The Grand High Witch (Roald Dahl knows how to scare the bejeepers out of a kid with a character like this one); The Charmed Ones (good teamwork but, when I think about it, they really thrive on way more drama than I am comfortable with); Willow Rosenberg (really, really smart, funny, thought about ending the world with her dark powers and who hasn’t wanted to do that?); Glinda (sure she makes my teeth ache with all her sugar, but I wouldn’t mind travelling in a giant bubble and the whole wand thing intrigues me); and Elpheba (the coolest of all witches with her selflessness even in the face of being completely ostracized- and I appreciate a pretty shade of green)

Angelique, however, is not so likeable.

Okay. Barnabas should not have led her on. We all know that. But it happened. He apologized. Get over it. But no. Angelique sets out to show Barnabas that he really needs and loves her, and if it means destroying everyone else just to make her point, she seems to be okay with that.

Make Ben your slave? Sure. Cause Josette to fall in love with another man? Why not? Make Jeremiah betray Barnabas and run off with Josette? Sounds reasonable. Shame Josette’s family? Okay, I’ll admit to condoning that…they are pretentious.

Deception. Destruction. Making up outlandish stories just to get what you want. It’s all in a day’s work for Angelique…and Christine O’Donnell, but that’s another post completely.

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