Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why, Oh Why Is Netflix Letting Me Down?

Yes, for those of you who follow this blog, it has been two months since I have written. Two months! Why? I am ill? lazy? depressed? overworked? on vacation? Nope.

I cannot continue to write about Dark Shadows because I cannot get the DVDs. Netflix has a giant gap in the seasons that are available. It is not because the seasons don’t exist. They do. I found them on Amazon. I am just unwilling to buy four seasons in the middle of a series. I am one of those all or nothing people…and I cannot afford to buy 1199 episodes so I don’t want to own 200.

I work in a library now so I thought I would try to borrow the missing seasons. I found them in one library in my state and requested them. Nope. They ignored my request. Who knew how precious a commodity I was trying to obtain! I went to the woman in charge of interlibrary loan and she went above the state level---that’s right, national. National. I am trying to borrow Dark Shadows from any library in the United Stated willing to lend it to me. So far, no takers. Not one.

I am hoping beyond hope, now that the library has let me down, that the Powers-That-Be at Netflix will take pity on me and purchase the remaining episodes. Please.

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  1. You are not alone. My partner watched 160 episodes before realizing he was S.O.L.