Sunday, January 29, 2012

At the Exciting Halfway Mark…

Since the last post, I have crossed the halfway mark. I have finished watching 599 episodes. It’s hard to believe that Dark Shadows couldn’t continue on for years and years like The Guiding Light or The Young and the Restless. Sure, there isn’t as much sexual tension in DS, but it could have changed with the times, evolved over the years. Or maybe the current soap operas could adopt a new DS type storyline.

Just so they know what would be expected, here’s what’s been happening:

Barnabas found Tom Jenning’s coffin and killed him in order to release Julia from his spell. Julia returns to normal by which I mean she does whatever Barnabas asks and continues to prepare to create a mate for Adam from parts robbed from cemeteries. (Well, sure.)

Joe continued to fight the call of Angelique. He even went so far as to spend a night at Maggie’s (on the couch, of course). He asked Maggie to give him sleeping pills so he could resist the pull of Angelique. When Maggie thought Joe was truly asleep, she too went to bed. She was rudely awakened by Nicholas (pounding on her door and claiming he was worried that she was in danger) and discovered Joe was gone! (Oh, no!)

Jeff, fearing for Vicky’s safety, agrees to assist Dr. Hoffman and Barnabas in the creation of a mate for Adam. Alone in the lab, Angelique finds Jeff and bites him, making him her obedient servant. Unbeknownst to Barnabas and Julia, Jeff agrees to use Angelique’s life essence to bring Adam’s mate to life. This will release Angelique from the curse of being a vampire just as it did Barnabas when he gave his life essence to create Adam. Nicholas had forbidden Angelique from being involved in the experiment. (Yikes!)

Barnabas decides to use Maggie’s life essence to create the mate. Willie goes crazy as he loves Maggie. He races to Maggie’s house and tries to explain she is in danger, but Maggie is doubtful. Willie returns later in the evening, drugs Maggie and takes her to the crypt for safe keeping. (I wish he had the presence of mind to bring a blanket. It always looks so cold and damp in there.) When she awakens, Maggie is furious and still doesn’t believe Willie. After a looking around the crypt, she begins to remember the two months when she was missing. (Uh oh.)

Adam informs Barnabas that Carolyn will give her life essence. This is all Nicholas’ idea as he, too, loves Maggie and doesn’t want her harmed in the experiment. Nicholas hypnotizes Carolyn and she arrives at the old house, ready for the experiment. Alas, it fails. Carolyn dies. Later, when Dr. Hoffman goes to the room where Carolyn’s body had been, she finds the body missing! (This happens a lot in Collinsport.) Barnabas resigns himself to telling the Collins family everything about Carolyn and therefore about himself. He arrives at Collinwood…and Carolyn opens the door! Her memory has been erased and Barnabas is saved. (Whew!)

A new woman arrives with Adam by the name of Leona Eltridge. She claims that she is a friend of Adam’s, that she only has a few months to live, and that she is willing to provide her life force for the experiment even if it means will she will die sooner. Wary but unable to think of any other plan, Barnabas and Julia continue the experiment. Leona dies but Eve is born! Professor Stout arrives with crucial information only to discover he is too late. By rearranging the letters in Leona’s name, he discovers she is the spirit of Danielle Roget, the most evil woman to live in the 18th century! (Wow!)

Meanwhile, back at the crypt, Maggie continues remembering her lost days. She remembers that Barnabas wanted her to be someone named Josette. She remembers being trapped in the old house. She remembers trying to escape and Barnabas (who was still an evil vampire at the time) punishing her by placing her in a closed coffin in the crypt. Willie races to tell Barnabas that they have trouble. While he is gone, David enters the crypt (he had seen Willie leaving and was curious), finds and releases Maggie. (Run, Maggie!)

Maggie makes it to Joe’s house only to discover him in the arms of Angelique. The vampire gets away as Joe tries to explain. Maggie tells him she knows what Angelique is and that they must run away together. The next thing you see, Joe is at Barnabas’ house telling him that Maggie would like to see him. Barnabas and Willie are sure it is a trap but they go anyway. Maggie offers Barnabas some sketches of him that her father made and reminds Willie that he can come and visit anytime. Stunned, Barnabas and Willie realize that someone has wiped her memory again and they are both saved! (Again?)

Harry Johnson (the maid’s creepy son) overhears Barnabas and Julia planning to kill evil Eve. Harry trots off to see Nicholas, demanding $5000 for his information. The silly boy spills everything for $100 down payment and is surprised when Nicholas refuses to pay the rest. Harry threatens Nicholas. (Mistake.) He swears he will tell Carolyn where Adam is and Carolyn will pay. Next thing old Harry knows, the doors are locked, a disembodied hand is floating through the air, and Harry has become another of Nicholas’ servants. (Geez!)

So now, in true soap opera fashion, we wait and wonder…will Maggie remember anything about Barnabas the vampire? Will Carolyn remember the experiment? Will we ever learn why someone is helping Barnabas by erasing memories? Will Barnabas kill Eve? Will Adam and Eve run away together? Will Elizabeth be buried alive?

The next 600 episodes should prove to be every bit as exciting as the first!

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