Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why Follow the Rules?


Following the rules isn’t always easy, but I don’t like to be in trouble. Maybe it’s my Catholic upbringing, but I don’t want anyone to be angry with me. I never have. It makes my stomach hurt and my head pound. It is easier to follow the rules than deal with that sick feeling. So I do what I am supposed to do. When I was younger I ate all my vegetables (except cucumber) and made my bed and listened to my teachers and kept my curfew. As an adult, I drive the speed limit (usually) and keep my cell phone in my purse and pay our bills and our taxes and our daughter’s college tuition on time. Although the backtalk in my head gets pretty loud sometimes, I keep that bossy boots under control. I don’t want to suffer the consequences she brings. Some people just don’t get that.

Cassandra/Angelique is one of them. She was told by Nicholas that she was not to worry about Barnabas and the curse. She was told to forget her revenge and follow Nicholas’ orders. She didn’t do that. She kept trying to find a way to make the curse return. Nicholas told her not to try to kill Adam. The minute she left his sight, she tried killing Adam. First she tried with an axe. Then she tried using a voodoo doll. When Nicholas found out, he told her she would die like a human for her error. He told her not to beg and plead as it bored him. As she began to age and her body quickly returned to its nearly 200 years, she begged. She pleaded. He killed her sooner.

Then, when Nicholas brought Cassandra back as a vampire, he told her she was not to attack anyone without his permission. He alone would choose her victims. When a policeman came to the door and Cassandra answered it, she immediately decided to have a snack, without permission. Nicholas arrived just in time to stop her.

I just don’t understand. I mean, I know she is evil, but she doesn’t even listen to one who is more evil!

And then again, what will he do to her this time? What punishment is there for vampire who was a witch who was a vampire? What can Nicholas do now? Will he turn her into a toad and risk a prince finding her? Maybe trap her in an enchanted mirror?

I think I understand Cassandra now. What could Nicholas possibly do that would be worse than what he has already done? She is not afraid of being in trouble. She is not afraid of Nicholas being mad at her. I don’t think she gets stomach aches.

I do think she is going to have a free-for-all.

Everyone in Collinsport should be very, very worried.

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